Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is a supporters’ group?

A supporters’ group is an independent fan club or campaign group.

In soccer, supporters’ groups are the die-hard fans singing, chanting, waving scarves & flags, unfurling banners, launching smoke bombs & fireworks, and doing everything they can to keep the crowd cheering throughout the match, even when the team is losing.

Some supporters’ groups are often involved in events between matches: drumming up interest in the local club, volunteering in youth leagues and the community, social nights, and even banding together to support local teams in other sports.

Supporters’ groups often have unique scarves, hats, and jackets. In many cases, the group will work together to arrange transportation to/from matches, allowing the supporters to arrive en masse at home matches, rivalry matches, and other vital matches on the road. Some clubs provide members of supporters’ groups with cheaper tickets, storage room for banners & flags, and early access to the stadium to set up TIFO. Additionally, supporters’ groups often receive advance notice of the team’s events, like player meet & greets.

Hooliganism is generally not tolerated within most supporters’ groups as their central role is to support the players, team, and the game.

  • Is there a Code of Conduct?

We’re currently working on putting together a Code of Conduct. Keep your eyes open as we publish additional resources to the site.

  • How much does it cost to join?

We’re still pretty new. As a result, it’s currently free to sign up as a member of District46. This may change in future years as we work to become a self-sufficient organization. 

  • Is this group only for adults?

While some events, like a pub night, may only be open to members 18+ years of age, District46 is not an adult-only club. People of all ages are welcome to join us in the stands and at most events.

  • What are the perks of being a member?

In addition to being a part of an active group of soccer enthusiasts, all District46 members benefit from access to members-only forums where they can share their TIFO designs, chants, and ideas with other members. D46 members also get the latest news & information on D46 events. More perks are coming, so stay tuned!

  • Do we need to buy D46 merchandise?

No one is required to purchase D46 merchandise, however, many D46 supporters will be wearing D46 gear. If you’re unable to get some D46 gear, be sure to show your pride & wear the D46 colours: lime green & black.

Want to Join District46?

You can join us in the stands anytime! If you’re interested in helping us organize, design TIFO, and become an active part of the soccer community in Sudbury, click the link & become a member today!

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